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Founder & President

Ken is a full-time real estate investor, manager, mentor, and consultant. He has completed residential rehabs and guides his clients through their Rehab, Fix and Flip, and Buy and Hold projects. He coordinates Note Investments, Private Money Lending, and Hard Money Lending. He mentors and consults to help people learn about real estate investing and to guide them through the many details that can make or break a deal, so they can achieve success. He continues to build relationships with established Rehabbers, Real Estate Agents, Appraisers, and other industry professionals in a variety of markets.

Ken has had 3 careers in his life: Electronics and Field Engineer, Sales and Project Management, and Housing and Real Estate. After completing an education in electronics, he enlisted in the Army where he worked with the White House Communications Agency and continued to work with technology post-military at Eastman Kodak. Following his engineering career, he went into office furniture sales where he built his own sales team and took responsibility for the entire process of proposal, design, procurement, and installation of multi-million-dollar systems-furniture projects.  

Looking for a change from office planning and systems-furniture sales but keeping the entrepreneurial spirit, he transitioned into a full-time real estate investor and hard money lender.  His real estate career has spanned his entire life. From a young age he was involved with his family-run contracting business that focused on building, restoring, and remodeling single family homes. As a real estate investor, he has worked as a rehabber; landlord; mortgage note investor; and hard money lender. Throughout this career he has partnered with other investors and real estate professionals. As the Director of Operations at Fortitude Investments, LLC, he specialized in mortgage note investing and consulting. Following Fortitude, he founded the investment and lending firm Lions Mane Investments, LLC which focused on hard money lending, private money lending, and IRA investing. After operating successfully, he expanded his investing and lending opportunities by partnering with business and industry leaders to form Lions Mane Financial, LLC. In mid-2018 he negotiated a buy-out of Lions Mane Financial, LLC and started Lions Mane SOMD, LLC with his nephew, which focuses on fix-and-flip as well as buy-and-hold strategies.

In mid-2019 he formed KFS Funding & Investments, LLC with his son, which focuses on hard money lending and real estate consulting.

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Board Member & Internal Consultant

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